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We help people to explore the magnificent cultures, people & places of Pakistan!

We are tour operators, explorers and team of passionate travelers. GoUpBuddy is all about helping you discover the culture of Pakistan. If you are thinking about exploring incredible Pakistan, we have covered – we want to show you how beautiful Pakistan really is.

Spend a day in Sri Paye or the Fairy Meadows to experience yourself the place we call“heaven.” Experience summer snowfall in Skardu, the unique culture of the Kalasha people, Hiking/Trekking in snowbound peaks of NaranKaghan, or Mountaineering at the world’s 2nd highest mountain, K2. Experience the ancient archeology of Sindh and Punjab, then relax on the beach in Karachi. Pakistan offers too much to see and do!

At Goupbuddy Our Big wish: Facilitating Travelers and loving every second of it !!

  • Tailor-Made, Bespoke Tours
  • Hiking / Trekking Adventures
  • Hotels & Restaurants Reviews
  • Travel Itineraries, Blogs showing real culture of Pakistan
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Meet the person behind Goupbuddy!


Me with Long Hairs!!

Hi! Dis iz Zahid (Da Fruglar) from Lahore Pakistan!!
For me Travel is life line. New places, life in dirty streets, cultures, Traditions, people give me undescribed pleasure!!

Traveling/Exploring is not expensive. Just you need to have time of your life!

May be my blogs give you some idea, tip or trick!!
(My style) Travel like a donkey Enjoy like a king!!

My passion force me to Founding GOUPBUDDY’S and I’m your personal guide to the wonders of Pakistan. I am based in Lahore, Pakistan, one of the world’s most ancient and beautiful cities. I trained as an Electrical Engineer, but discovered my true passion is introducing locals and international visitors to my beautiful, enchanting, and unforgettable homeland.

I am passionate about travelling, hiking, mountaineering, and exploring my homeland and its diverse cultures and traditions. My itchy feet took me to Musa ka Mussala(A remote peak at almost 4000Meter),Balakot,  Nathiagali, Miranjani Top, and Birangali Jungle, Galiat Region and Mansehra in winter to see the beautiful, white snow, Gurdawara Nankana Sahib, the Temples in Karachi, Dadu (a remote area of Sindh), Multan, Visited deserts, and plain fields of Bahawalpur and villages of  Punjab.

I want you to join me and discover the amazing Pakistan which lies behind the (misleading) news headlines – a place of unparalleled natural beauty and human generosity.

Why select us?

we are team of passionate traveler who know very well about the preferences of travelers.
And we have taken groups to all the key destinations and most remote areas of Pakistan to see the country in all its colors

Our wandering and traveling have taught us a lot of travel tips and tricks which we share with you on our travel blogs and in travel guides.



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