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Learn about authentic, local restaurants with divine cuisine, from sidewalk dining on “Food Street” in Lahore, to fine dining in Islamabad, Murree, Naran and Karachi. We have reviewed Restaurants and Cafes in the main points of interest in Pakistan.

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So Much to See and Do!

From exploring ancient Mughal architectural gems, to discovering authentic Pakistan in the simple wheat fields of the Punjabi heartland, to climbing the world’s highest mountains in GilgitBaltistan, Pakistan is the place for adventure lovers and explorers. Experience the enchanting culture & traditions of the Kalasha people and play Polo on the world’s highest ground; See 6000 year old history and archaeology at Harrapa and Mohenjedaro, head to Naran kaghan to explore unbelievable landscapes, lush greenery and snow bound peaks. Most of all, enjoy the world’s finest hospitality. In Pakistan, there is so much to see and do!

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Welcome to Our Online Adventure Gear Shop.  Quality trekking backpacks, sleeping bags, and gear are essential to travelers, hikers, trekkers, and mountaineers. We have everything you need, sourced from the new and used markets in Pakistan and overseas. Whether you are an experienced adventurer seeking top quality new gear, or a budget traveler seeking used materials, we offer reliable, quality goods. We particularly cater to budget travelers seeking low-cost trekking supplies – We gather used but excellent materials from all over Pakistan to feed your exploring habit. Gear is also available on a rental basis for students and persons on tight budgets.
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